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Mechanical Valves

A range of the most popular mechanical valves used in pneumatic circuits and systems. We offer Mechanical valves with 3/2 and 5/2 valve functions with many different operation types. These valves are used to isolate, diver, and exhaust air in a system, essential for piloting and moving actuators, cylinders, and pumps in your pneumatic system. Our range includes buttons, pedals, rollers, levers, and more.

Tube and Accessories

A Range of Nylon, Polyurethane, and braided tube/hose used to convey air and liquids. All tubing/hose is supplied in various colors, sizes. We also provide a range of accessories including flow control, shuttle blocking, and quick exhaust valves that supplement a successful pneumatic circuit. In addition to tubes and accessories, we can provide manifold blocks to enable the expansion of your pneumatic circuit.

Pneumatic Fittings

A range of airline push-in fittings, silencers, exhaust fittings and adaptors specially designed for pneumatic systems. Our stainless-steel push-in range offers semi corrosion proof resistance in aggressive atmospheres, whilst the polymer gives you a light weight leak free fitting with high visibility collet. Standard metal fittings and pipe adaptors are offered in taper threads coated with thread sealant and parallel threads are fitted with an O ring seal.

Air Preperation

Designed to Clean, Regulate and Lubricate air pipe and equipment in a pneumatic system. Pneumatic air preparation includes: Regulators which ensure that a steady rate of controlled air flow. Filters clean the air from moisture and oil, whilst the lubricators inject a controlled amount of a specific lubricant into the flowing air, however most modern actuators, valves and cylinders operate oil free.

Pneumatic Cylinders

Micro cylinders in various body materials including aluminium, plastic according to ISO (DN12- DN50) and stainless steel for aggressive environments. Compact high force - short stroke cylinders according to ISO 21287. VDMA aluminium extruded ISO 15552 and VDMA 24562 on ultra-fast deliveries.

All Valves

The need in modern pneumatic systems for automatic valves has become more apparent in recent years. Pneumatic Select offer a wide range of valves essential for automated pneumatic circuits, from 3/2-5/2 functions stand alone 2/2-3/2 solenoid valves, specialist pilot valves actuated pneumatic ball and piston isolation valves and multi way valve islands for process control in standard and hazardous areas.


Pneumatic Select is the pneumatic specialist arm of Valves Online, offering products from some of the world's leading manufacturers. Pneumatic Select is recognised by our principles as a UK Partner and all products are available online. We supply a full range of products, that allows you to fulfill all your needs from one single source, meeting requirements to repair, upgrade or build a project and basically, to solve and supply all your pneumatic needs.



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